1. Where are your products made?

When I started Mountain Moves wearable art, I made a conscious decision to use ethical manufacturers and support our own economy here in Canada – not to have them made by a sweatshop overseas even thought the cost would be lower. 

All Mountain Moves wearable art garments and accessories are proudly made in Canada. Each item is individually printed and handmade, so there may be slight variations between garments, adding to their uniqueness and character. Most garments are made with Canadian-made fabrics too!

2. How should I care for my wearable art garments?


All Mountain Moves garments are easy to care for and keep looking new!

Machine or hand wash in cold water (front load machine only and turn inside out to minimize print abrasion against other fabrics). Please do not bleach or use fabric softener.

Hang to air dry (you can throw leggings/capris/tank tops/headbands in the dryer on extra low heat but hanging to dry extends the life - the fabric is naturally quick-dry so you won’t have to wait long before wearing again).