About Me

Resting on Rundle profile picAfter spending close to 20 years working in the aerospace industry, it was time for a change. A drastic change. In late 2013 with the support of my wonderful family, I decided to quit my job and take some time to focus on “me”. Some time do things I always wanted to do but never seemed to find enough time to do with my busy life in the corporate world. More meaningful things that would be good for the soul.  


In the spirit of trying new things, I took an “intro to oil painting” class and found a new love. I felt grounded and it was the creative outlet that I was in search of for so long. Now just the smell of oil paint when I walk into my studio makes my mind buzz with excitement to start the next piece, or finish the last.

Using my camera to capture scenes in nature to paint back in my studio quickly turned into a passion for photography as well. While my photographs capture what a landscape looked like at that moment in time, my paintings represent my mind's vision of these images. I strive to find serenity and beauty in all things, even dilapidated old barns and farmhouses.

Most people traditionally think of artwork as something you hang on the wall or have in your home. With my Mountain Moves wearable art & accessories line, I wanted to change that and create artwork you can wear, carry, and even cuddle up with. It’s artwork on the go so you can surround yourself with landscapes that you love no matter where you are!

The mountains are my home, my sanctuary. My husband Andrew and I live in Canmore, Alberta with our furry family, enjoying all the great outdoors and mountain life has to offer. The stunning vistas and precious wildlife of Alberta and the Rocky Mountains are an endless source of inspiration for my paintings, photographs and of course, Mountain Moves!